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Best golf shoes of 2024

Craig Thomas

25 March 2024


When we asked our readers whether they preferred cleated or spikeless golf shoes, the results were pretty evenly split, with a third of respondents claiming they owned both kinds

It’s a wonderful feeling when you find the perfect pair of golf shoes and your steps feel a little lighter and more purposeful.

March is a wonderful month, the days are getting lighter, the weather’s getting warmer, and the golf course is gearing up for Spring. So, it’s the perfect time of year to get in the spirit of fresh starts and buy yourself some new golf shoes!

Take a moment to appreciate everything your shoes do for you. They carry you from tee to green in all conditions, help keep your feet locked into the ground and stable when you’re swinging your clubs, and they keep your steps light and springy even when you’ve already been on the course for hours.

The truth of it is, our shoes do a lot for us, and the more we use them when we’re playing golf, the more wear and tear they’ll feel, and the less use they’ll be to us. If your shoes are starting to look a little sad, there’s no need to panic, we have the latest FootJoy shoes in store and ready to try on! Today we want to give you a peek at the amazing new shoes you can now get your hands on.

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FootJoy Premiere Series Field Golf Shoes

FootJoy is renowned the world over for their quality shoes, and the Premiere Series Field shoes will certainly get you in the mood for some brilliant golf. These shoes look absolutely stunning, and once you run a finger over the premium calfskin leather, you’ll appreciate you’re holding something truly special.


We’re blown away by the soles of these shoes, they feature nine strategically placed cleats. FootJoy’s VeraTrax+ outsole has multiple densities of traction elements, and that translates into giving you better grip at every section of your sole, and a better connection across multiple surfaces.

The Premiere Series Field shoes don’t just give you a solid performance each time you wear them, they’re incredibly comfortable to wear for hours on end. FootJoy certainly lived up to their name when they designed the Soft EVA midsole. This component on the interior delicately wraps around your feet to offer you stable, comforting underfoot cushioning.

As we’ve mentioned, the beautiful calfskin leather makes this the perfect choice of footwear for the experienced golfer with a discerning eye. The leather itself is resistant to stretching and retains both looks and feel over constant use.

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FootJoy Pro SLX Golf Shoes

If you prefer to play golf in spikeless shoes, FootJoy has just the product for you. The Pro SLX golf shoes are fresh in the pro shop, and FootJoy made these beauties with one word in mind—comfort.

These shoes are made with a ChromoSkin leather that feels very lightweight so your feet won’t feel fatigued after hours of walking on the golf course.

The material is also 100% waterproof so you’ll have suitable protection on your feat should the heavens open mid-round. Inside the shoe, the StratoFoam mid-sole makes the Pro SLX perfectly snug and homely each time you slip them on.

Wearing spikeless golf shoes doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get less grip, but rather more convenience. FootJoy’s PWR TRAX outsole system offers excellent traction and stability with every step, and the evenly-spaced softspikes on the sole make this an ideal shoe to wear both on and off the course.

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FootJoy Fuel Sport Golf Shoes

As the name implies, these shoes will give your outfit a sportier, more athletic look, and these shoes do a whole lot more than help you look ready for action.

Designed with constant movement in mind, the Fuel Sport shoes feature FootJoy’s infinity outsole that’s comprised of small dedicated spikes running from the toe to the heel sections. They’re very grippy and will have you in control of your game whether you’re playing through sunshine or in rain.

With a Stratolite proprietary foam compound engineered into the inner foam, this shoe simply oozes comfort, and once you slip your feet inside you’ll absolutely know what we mean.

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Which of these two golf shoes most speaks to you? Now is the perfect time of year to get some new shoes on your feet and really bed them in ahead of the summer competitions. There’s a lot of great choices available when it comes to choosing quality golf shoes, so if you’d like to seek our expert advice and lend you a hand, we’d be more than happy to help you in the pro shop.

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