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Have you tried golf boots?

Craig Thomas

08 January 2024


Let’s face it, playing golf at this time of year is largely down to the weather.

And if you are heading out on the course, you need to make sure you’re wearing appropriate footwear to keep you protected from the damp ground underfoot.

If you’re a regular golfer you’ll no doubt have a dependable pair of winter golf shoes at the ready to complete your outfit, but have you heard of golf boots? Brands like adidas makes specific boots to keep you feeling comfy and focused on the course throughout the winter months.

Picture yourself out on the golf course right now. You’re playing well but the winter winds are whipping at your heels. You’re needing to step tentatively around the well-worn pathways where the mud is at its thickest.

As we’ve hinted at, these golf boots will stop you from slipping over on the wintery golf course. Whether you’re navigating pathways between holes or climbing a skiddy slope, you’ll have the ideal degree of underfoot traction needed to keep your focus and balance. Plus, any mud or dirt you pick up is easy to wipe off, so getting back in to the clubhouse is never a chore.

Losing your footing can throw you off your game, but you’ll be totally at ease when you’re playing in a sturdy golf boot. So, why not join us as we take a closer look at adidas’ latest winter footwear, the S2G Mid-Cut Waterproof Golf Boot.


Adidas S2G Mid-Cut Waterproof Golf Boots

adidas Men's S2G Mid-Cut Waterproof Golf Boot

Both the Men’s S2G and the Ladies S2G waterproof golf boots effortlessly combine eye-catching style with durable performance to bring you a truly comfortable golf boot.

The boot’s construction makes use of recycled materials and there’s lots of internal cushioning that will give you excellent support and cushioning. Any mud will be easy to clean off once you’ve finished your round, and your feet will feel warm and content the entire time you’re walking about.

adidas Ladies S2G Mid-Cut Waterproof Golf Boot

What makes this boot ideal for golf over any typical winter boot is the traction you’ll get on the course thanks to the 4 spike Thintech cleats found on the sole. These cleats will keep you in firm connection with the ground even when the winter elements have made the firmness of the fairways moist and changeable.

There’s a misconception that golf boots must feel rather large and cumbersome to keep you protected from the climate, but this is simply not the case. The S2G winter golf boots offer a more athletic toe profile. Please let us know if you’d like to try these boots on, we’d be more than happy to help.


Adidas ZG23 winter golf shoes

Men's ZG23 Golf Shoe (left), Ladies ZG23 Golf Shoe (right)

If you’re not keen on wearing boots and want some traditional winter golf shoes that you can wear all year long, you can’t go wrong with the ZG23 golf shoes. Both the Men’s ZG23 and Women’s ZG23 are available in multiple colourways.

These shoes are designed for your absolute comfort. The men’s shoes feature a dynamic hybrid midsole and the women’s shoe a leather upper, keeping your feet happy all round long. Plus the lightweight design will give you lots of mobility, saving you energy as you make your way from tee to green.

You’ll have plenty of grip underfoot to get a hold of the wintery turf thanks to the six spikes on the sole. You’ll feel great and in control when you step onto the first tee with these shoes on your feet.

If you’re in the market for some new golfing footwear this winter and you’re unsure of which are the right kind for you, we have plenty for you to browse in-store. We’d be more than happy to lend a hand and walk you through what we have available.

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