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Coaching news 

Swing transformation Part V

You don't have to be a beginner, or in a sudden rut of bad form, to have a swing transformation. Even players who have what most people would think of as an ideal or aesthetic swing can see huge improvements to their game by making a few big changes. 

Take the example shown, at first glance there is very little difference in the two swings, but when we break it down we can see some very big changes here:

  1. The first thing to note is the position of the club face at the top of the swing, in the before picture the club face is almost pointing towards the sky - this means that the club face is very closed. This can cause two problems: one being a very obvious bad shot which would be a hook, and the other lesser known problem is that a closed clubface during the backswing causes tension in the muscles of the upper back and forearms (try it at home). As any golf instructor will tell you, anything that adds tension is nearly always a bad thing, and in this case it most certainly is as it can rob you of power, accuracy, and consistency as you "force" yourself to the top of the swing. In the after photo we can see that the club face is perfectly square as it is parallel to the right wrist, leading to a much higher chance of a consistently square face at impact and a much more tension free swing.

  2. In the before photo we can see there is quite a lot of forward lean of the torso (towards the ball, not towards the front foot). Forward lean from the waist upwards is not necessarily a problem, it can create space between the torso and arms (which is good) and it can also be a factor in other positive outcomes. The problem with forward lean in most golfers, especially amateurs, is the inconsistencies it creates. Firstly the forward lean pictured is during the backswing, so the golfer has to maintain this forward lean (very tiring for the core muscles and legs) if they want to achieve a consistent strike or they risk swaying backwards and basically never being able to strike the ball with any consistency, or even worse, straightening the spine before impact, again a terrible move for consistency and not great for your spine either. In the after photo we can see that the player is a lot "taller" at the top of their backswing and their weight is pretty much directly over their feet, leading to greater consistency and more potential for a more effective power transfer into the ball.

Please let me know your thoughts on this week's swing transformation by clicking here, whether you prefer a video with a short write up or a more in-depth analysis like today's feature.

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Fitting news 

Cleveland Wedge Analyzer  

For more than 35 years, Cleveland Golf has been created the most innovative short game products designed to help you score better and enjoy the game. This commitment has led to several breakthroughs in wedge innovation, including their latest- The Wedge Analyzer. In as little as two swings you can now get accurately fit into the proper wedge bounce or sole grind. 

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Tour news 


Aiming for a younger demographic

The European Tour have introduced some innovative ideas for the season ahead. The World Super 6 combined 54 holes of stroke play with a final-day knockout, whilst GolfSixes, which takes place later in the year, sees two-man teams battle it out over six holes in a group stage, before progressing to a final-day knockout.

Will this be good for the game? Have your say here

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